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            Why do I have to pay for return shipping?

            We offer the majority of our products at a discounted price versus the full retail price. In addition to this, we cover the cost of shipping for all domestic orders over $20.00. Because we provide these two benefits to help offer our products to you at the lowest possible price, we unfortunately cannot cover the cost of return shipping. However, we do have several tips to help you save on return shipping:

            1. Keep your package lightweight. Re-use our bag mailer if possible, or use other lightweight packaging to make your return. If you must use a box to make your return, we recommend using the smallest possible box to minimize weight.
            2. Ship your package through the U. S. Postal Service office rather than UPS or FedEx. For most lightweight packages, shipping with USPS will save you more money than if you ship the same package with UPS or FedEx. You can shop rates online to find the best possible price for your return package.
            3. Only ship what you need to. All we require to process your return is the product you are returning in its original condition, all product packaging, literature, and accessories, and your RMA Form. Other items are not necessary and will only add weight/bulk to your return package, costing you more.
            Updated: 04 Sep 2019 05:41 AM
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